NyRad logo in colour.


What is your role at NyRad?

As the Operations and Engagement Lead at NyRad, I support Leigha, Stephanie and the team with day-to-day administrative, financial, and operational functions both internally and externally. I am responsible for a little bit of everything, which is exactly how I like it. I excel in a fast-paced environment where every day looks a little bit different. One day I might be focused on project management support and the next day I could be doing invoicing.

Why NyRad?

I’ve worked in government, for a large consulting firm, and for a large association. When the opportunity arose to support a small but growing start-up, I jumped at the opportunity. As a mother of three young children and a military spouse, work life balance is extremely important to me. NyRad was not only able to offer me an opportunity to grow my professional skill set but the flexibility to do it while managing the pressures of life outside of work. As a women-led organization, I was confident I would find the professional and personal support I needed to continue growing in my career.

What is your differentiator?

Organization and logistics are my superpowers. I take pleasure in bringing calm to chaos. For NyRad this means I’m able to find efficiencies through planning and process. I help the company build capacity and support all efforts related to ensuring a strong workplace culture. As a military spouse, I also provide the team with an understanding of military culture and practices.

Tell us something our clients might not know about you.

I am an active part of the Peloton (in-home spinning) cult. When I am not working or running after my kids, you’ll find me enjoying one of the many workout classes Peloton has to offer. I am not going to lie; the leaderboard helps me fulfill the competitive side of my personality.