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Defence Procurement & Capture Support

NyRad Inc. is a full-service, boutique consultancy that specializes in Canadian defence procurement and federal government contracting.

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Defence Procurement & Capture Support

NyRad assists clients across the entire procurement spectrum, supporting as companies navigate the complexities of the Canadian bidding environment. We provide turnkey solutions and capture support to companies that are competing for contracts and/or opportunities in the Canadian market.

NyRad’s service offering includes:

NyRad provides ITB/VP education and/or training for those at all levels in an organization or capture team. NyRad offers training both as a stand-alone service offering as well as part of its integrated capture support package. NyRad’s education touches on the policy itself, as well as its impact on strategy and its tactical application.

NyRad can help clients refine their understanding of the competitive landscape by conducting a detailed assessment of each competitor – whether that’s through a structured Black Hat session or as a stand-alone competitive analysis.

NyRad supports its capture clients in the development of strong price-to-win and points-to-win ITB evaluation models, providing capture teams with additional clarity on evaluation methodologies and scoring and supporting effective technical, Value Proposition and pricing trade-off decisions.

NyRad’s communications offering extends beyond the defence sector and into other niche sectors including Agriculture and Technology. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to cut through the noise and deliver impactful messages that resonate with key stakeholders – be it government decision makers, industry partners, media or the general public.

Stakeholder relations is about communicating your priorities and concerns to influencers and decision makers who can positively impact your bottom line. Our experienced staff have the knowledge required to provide the right messages to the right people at the right time, enabling clients to act in real time and secure wins.

NyRad actively supports its clients through the customer engagement phase of active defence pursuits – supporting the delivery of meaningful feedback through Canada’s “RRR” process. NyRad’s role includes everything from positioning support, to developing RFI responses to client representation in front of the customer during in-person engagement sessions.

With a thorough understanding of the typical industry gating process (from Red Team to Gold Team sign off), NyRad supports capture teams work through all necessary internal approvals to move from opportunity qualification to final bid submission.

NyRad has extensive experience leading the development of the Value Proposition portion of a proposal response. This includes writing ITB plans, drafting all required documentation; ensuring compliance and quality assurance; and handling all required certificates.

With Value Proposition being a rated and weighted component of the bid evaluation, industry is incentivized more than ever to actively communicate its commitment to the Canadian economy. Conducting an economic impact analysis is an effective way to measure and in turn communicate this commitment. With a solid understanding of the end game, NyRad can conduct an economic impact study using ISED’s best practices for modeling the impact of IRB contracts and leverage the results for effective communications.

How We Engage


Client Challenge:

For defence contractors with limited in-country capture expertise, retaining external support and counsel to help navigate the complexities of defence procurement in Canada can significantly improve their probability of win (P-Win). Which is exactly why multiple clients have and continue to engage NyRad.

NyRad Engagement Model:

Typically, when NyRad is engaged to support capture efforts, we are engaged to supplement internal efforts or expertise. This expertise however often exists offshore – making it difficult to maintain stakeholder relationships and/or impactful market presence. Hiring a firm like NyRad allows these companies to track opportunities closely, maintain customer contact, connect with potential suppliers and build in-country presence, with the added benefit of strong in-country experience and expertise to guide the process. Capture clients engage us by project or program, typically on a monthly fee basis and under a defined scope of work – from project initiation to proposal submission.

NyRad’s Approach:

NyRad’s approach varies by client, based on need. For some, NyRad provides strategic counsel, stakeholder engagement support and partner/supplier identification help. For others, NyRad is engaged in a more hands-on manner, where we’re engaging with the customer, supporting B2B engagements and supporting strategy development. Under both scenarios, we support communications and marketing efforts, gate reviews, proposal development and team education efforts.


Our capture clients benefit tremendously from NyRad’s experience and reach in the defence market. When we don’t know, we know how to find a resource that does. Our teams are purposefully built to meet our clients’ needs and they have meaningful P-Win impact, every time.

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