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Canadian Offset Support

NyRad supports companies on both sides of contract award: Value Proposition Strategy Development (at bid time) and ITB Management (post contract award).

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Value Proposition Strategy Development

NyRad has developed a reputation for being one of the most knowledgeable consulting teams available when it comes to Canada's Industrial and Technological Benefits (ITB) policy and Value Proposition (VP) requirements. NyRad has been involved in almost every Government of Canada Value Proposition – across air, land and sea – since the new policy was enacted in 2014.

When engaged to support a team’s Value Proposition, NyRad works in partnership with its clients to provide the following services:

NyRad provides ITB/VP education and/or training for those at all levels in an organization or capture team. NyRad offers training both as a stand-alone service as well as part of its integrated capture support package. NyRad’s education touches on the policy itself, as well as its impact on strategy and its tactical application.

The NyRad team has significant experience on large-scale proposals and brings deep knowledge of the evaluation triad– capability, price and economic benefits – which together shape current Canadian defence procurement projects. This knowledge allows the team to build competitive VP strategies that are integrated into a company’s overall bid solution.

NyRad can help clients refine their understanding of the competitive landscape by conducting a detailed assessment of each competitor – whether that’s through a structured Black Hat session or as a stand-alone competitive analysis.

NyRad supports its capture clients in the development of strong price-to-win and points-to-win ITB evaluation models, providing capture teams with additional clarity on evaluation methodologies and scoring in order to support effective technical, Value Proposition and pricing trade-off decisions.

The introduction of Value Proposition combined with the number of large Government defence contracts currently at play is dramatically changing the way Canada’s defence community is approaching communications. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to cut through the noise and deliver impactful messages that resonate with key stakeholders – be it government decision makers, industry partners, media or the general public.

NyRad actively supports its clients through the customer engagement portions of an active defence pursuit. This includes supporting RFI responses as well as representing the client in front of the customer during in-person engagement sessions.

Regardless of a company’s level of experience with the ITB policy, NyRad can support in the identification and development of eligible ITB activities – a critical piece in positioning a bidding company for success in the capture process.

With a thorough understanding of the typical industry gating process (from Red Team to Gold Team sign off), NyRad supports capture teams work through all necessary internal approvals to move from opportunity qualification to final bid submission.

NyRad has extensive experience leading the development of the Value Proposition portion of a proposal response. This includes writing ITB plans, drafting all required documentation; ensuring compliance and quality assurance; and handling all required certificates.

With VP being a rated and weighted component of the bid evaluation, industry is incentivized more than ever to actively communicate its commitment to the Canadian economy. Conducting an economic impact analysis is an effective way to measure and in turn communicate this commitment. With a solid understanding of the end game, NyRad can conduct an economic impact study using ISED’s best practices for modelling the impact of IRB contracts and leverage the results for effective communications.

Stakeholder relations is about communicating your priorities and concerns to influencers and decision makers who can positively impact your bottom line. Our experienced staff has the knowledge required to provide the right messages to the right people at the right time, enabling clients to act in real time and secure wins.

How We Engage


Client Challenge:

NyRad is best known for its market leading position in Value Proposition Strategy Development – which is why we’ve been a part of every major crown procurement where VP applied. Our clients’ knowledge on the ITB Policy and VP development ranges from highly experienced but requiring external capacity to net new to the Policy and requiring full on external leadership. When it comes to VP strategy development, the challenge is almost always the same – how to build the most competitive VP strategy without jeopardizing price-to-win.

NyRad Engagement Model:

When it comes to VP strategy development, NyRad is hired under one of two models – a monthly fee or an hourly contract. Deciding between two models depends on when we’re engaged and the extent of our scope. NyRad is typically hired in one of two roles – VP development lead, with full accountability for the delivery of a compliant VP proposal, or capture support, where we guide an internal offset team through the bidding process. Either way, being engaged early in the bidding process is always preferable and leads to the greatest impact.

NyRad’s Approach:

When we engage a new VP client, we consider ourselves a full and accountable member of their bidding team. We integrate at all levels to provide both capability and capacity. In this new defence procurement world, where economic benefits are weighted and rated at bid time, it is our belief that in order to provide a winning proposal, the technical, pricing, and Value Proposition offerings must be in complete alignment. This is where NyRad’s experience and expertise really shines. We work with our clients from education to execution, making sure VP is integrated into the broader capture strategy in a price sensitive, executable manner.


NyRad’s success is driven and often determined by client need. Some clients are looking to win at all costs, while others are simply looking to close a potential points gap at minimal cost. Regardless of the desired outcome, NyRad has a successful track record and long-term client partnerships to prove it.

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ITB Management

Whether it includes developing net new ITB processes, reinforcing internal ITB capabilities during the capture process or supporting ITB execution after contract award, NyRad supports companies large and small with all their ITB management needs.

NyRad’s ITB Management service offering includes:

NyRad provides general ITB council to clients that require deep expertise to ensure ITB contracts are being executed in the most effective and efficient manner possible. As experts on the ITB Policy at both a strategic and tactical level, NyRad ensures proposed ITB activities are identified, approved, tracked and managed throughout the contract life-cycle.

NyRad provides ITB/VP education and/or training for those at all levels in an organization or capture team. NyRad offers training both as a stand-alone service offering as well as part of its integrated capture support package. NyRad’s education touches on the policy itself, as well its impact on strategy as its tactical application.

In order to successfully capture ITB activities and meet current and/or future ITB obligations, companies need integrated ITB/VP processes and systems in place. NyRad can support this need by augmenting existing processes and/or by building net new processes and procedures from the ground up.

Regardless of a company’s level of experience with the ITB policy, NyRad can support in the identification and development of eligible ITB activities. NyRad will help capture supply chain or capital expenditure activities and help ensure a company’s Canadian investments are appropriately collected for ITB credit.

Once an ITB opportunity is identified, NyRad supports our clients in developing strong transaction sheets to present to the Canadian government for approval. NyRad has a drafting process for transaction sheets that ensures the messages conveyed about an ITB activity will be received and understood by the ITB Authority. NyRad also supports clients in tracking and organizing all supporting documentation required to prove ITB eligibility.

ITB credit has become a currency in the Canadian bidding environment – both for companies looking to bid and those looking to play a supporting role. Having ITB credit secured in advance of bid submission has become a true differentiator. NyRad supports clients through the banking process – from identification to approval – assisting those looking to improve their ITB position for future pursuits.

NyRad supports clients with all their ITB reporting needs – from setting up efficient ITB reporting processes to delivering annual reports themselves. NyRad’s team approach to annual reporting offers our clients quality assurance and proper record keeping in order to support the function year over year.

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