NyRad logo in colour.


What is your role at NyRad?

I am an Industrial Participation Specialist and a part of NyRad’s ITB Management Team. We support our clients in managing their ITB obligations in Canada. This includes the development of ITB execution strategies, identification, and development of ITB activities and associated transaction sheets, and annual reporting amongst other things. The piece I like most about what we do is the client engagement. I love the hands-on nature of the work. I enjoy helping our clients manage relationships with their suppliers and partners as well as other important stakeholders involved in the complex world of defence procurement. My role at NyRad is fascinating – with new and exciting challenges every day.

Why NyRad?

I was drawn to the opportunity to work at NyRad because of the unique and ever evolving nature of the work. I stay because of the people and the opportunity to work with some of the most knowledgeable and respected ITB/VP professionals in the country. Today I can confidently say that the decision to join NyRad was one of the best I have ever made.

What is your differentiator?

Prior to joining NyRad, I worked for 15 years in project and change management for a consulting firm with diverse clients across North America. This experience gave me incredible insight into the complex nature of organizational relationships, and the importance of client management (particularly when it comes to change management). Implementing ITB/VP process is a change management exercise of sorts, which allows me to draw upon my experience and expertise in this area.

Tell us something our clients might not know about you.

I love playing golf and helping people learn how to play. A few years ago, I launched my own golf instruction website. I also love cars and racing. I have been to the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal every year since 1998 and have driven over 20 supercars on a racetrack in Las Vegas!